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The 11th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Devices

2019년 12월 10일-12월 13일, 제주도에서 열린 11th ICAMD (International Conference on Advanced Materials and Devices) 학회에 최용하, 배진호, 김현 학생이 참가하여 발표를 수행하였습니다.

최용하: "Electrochemical etching of aluminum nitride with enhanced spatialselectivity and etch rate" (poster)

배진호: "High breakdown voltage quasi-two-dimensional β-Ga2O3 nanolayerfield-effect transistors with dual field plates" (poster)

김현 : "Mixed-dimensional ultrawide-bandgap p-n heterojunction ofdiamond/Ga2O3 for a solar-blind photodiode" (poster)

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