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​저널 표지논문 선정

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   Advanced semiconductor process & characterization laboratory (APCL) covers a multidisciplinary research on the basic properties of semiconductor materials to their applications for device fabrication. The research area includes multidimensional from one- to three-dimensional semiconductor structures, IR to deep-UV optoelectronic devices, next-generation compound semiconductor materials and their applications for various kinds of devices. Ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor for next-generation high-power devices, photodetectors and high performance optoelectronic devices such as light emitting diodes (LEDs) and solar cells are systematically investigated through the combination of physical modelling and experimental approaches.


Research area

 ● Opto-electronic devices (LEDs, solar cells, photodetectors, etc.)

 ● Compound semiconductor based high-power devices

 ● Chemical sensors for monitoring harmful environment

 ● Transfer-free growth and characterization of graphene

 ● Fabrication and analysis of nanoscale device

 ● Multi-dimensional materials (graphene, black phosphorus, TMDs, hBN, etc.)

 ● Chemical etching and thickness control of compound semiconductors and two-dimensional materials.

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